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Welcome to Health Challenge Powys

Powys County Council and Powys Teaching Health Board are committed to joint working, recognising that a strong partnership approach between these two key local organisations is central to developing and delivering a shared vision for the future of health and social care services in Powys working with local people.

This commitment to joint working is underpinned by the following key principles:

"" the delivery of high quality, safe and sustainable health, social care and wellbeing services that meet individual needs as locally as possible
"" the commitment to ongoing and meaningful engagement with local communities and other stakeholders during the planning, commissioning and delivery of new service models
"" a recognition of the need for transparency and openess in sharing information with and between all stakeholders to enable shared understanding of the issues and challenges to be achieved
"" a clear statement of what services can and cannot be delivered in local communities with clear explanations of the reasons for this
"" a recognition that the needs of individual communities will be different and that service responses may not be the same in all instances
"" a commitment to the development of integrated solutions where the traditional boundaries between health and social care are increasingly removed
"" an understanding of the rural nature of Powys and the difficulties faced by many individuals and communities in accessing services

The Powys Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Partnership has identified the following Strategic Priorities:

"" Health Promotion and Prevention
"" Reducing Inequalities in Health
"" Promoting and Maintaining Independence
"" Improved Management of Long Term Conditions
"" Securing Safe, Effective and Sustainable Services